The Rally Promoter Association of Canada is led by a core group of directors, each with their areas of expertise. As we move closer to a WRC event, the board of directors may change and expand as the demands dictate. People who feel they can bring something unique to RPAC are encouraged to reach out to us and express your interest as we will eventually have a broad range of positions to fill.

Keith Morison
Keith has been involved with Canadian Rally since 2000, when he first attended the Rocky Mountain Rally as a member of the media. Since then he has competed as both a driver and co-driver, has served in leadership roles at the club, region, and national level within the sanctioning body and as the Marketing Manager for the Canadian Association of Rallysport for several years.
Currently, Keith is an active co-driver as well as the chairman of two events in the Canadian Rally Championship.
Keith comes from a media background, with over two decades in the media that include working as a photojournalist and presently owns a small publishing/communications consulting company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Jorge Dascollas
Jorge has been involved with Canadian Rally since 1984, having competed in over 100 performance rally events, with three regional championships and one national production championship to his name. In addition to a wide range of volunteer roles, he has also Served as President of the Canadian Association of RallySport as well as sitting on the CARS Technical Committee. Jorge has also worked as a service park liaison for WRC Argentina from 1999 through 2004.
Jorge has a background in business as a restaurant owner since 1982, moving to property development in 2012. He also regularly consults with the film industry as a driving expert and offers driver training including events from vehicle manufacturers to rally driving classes.

Martin Burnley
Martin has been involved with Canadian Rally for 16 years, initially as a driver in navigational events and then in 2002 becoming performance rally driver and subsequently a performance rally co driver, enjoying success at both the regional and national level. Martin holds the unusual distinction of winning the same event as both a driver and as a codriver – in different years of course!
Martin has been a member of the CARS Board of Directors for 6 years with additional committee roles in Marketing and Treasury.
Martin has a background in entrepreneurial business following a primary career in Manufacturing and International Marketing based in Alberta, and a career in Mergers and Acquisitions within the Aerospace industry based in the U.S. Martin is now retired from business, is an active codriver at most Canadian National events, and lives in Kelowna, BC.”

Chris Kremer
Chris first got involved in rally in late 2009, as a volunteer for some local events.  Early the next year he found himself in the co-driver seat for the first time, and for the next several years he branched out and competed with multiple teams to help grow as a competitor and get to know other people in the sport.
In 2016, Chris was elected to a leadership role with both the national and regional sanctioning bodies. He has been working hard to grow into these roles and is finding his stride while taking on new projects with both bodies.
Chris works as a Paramedic in Calgary, Alberta, and always tries to use his knowledge and experience from work to try to make the sport safer.

Warwick Patterson
Warwick first got involved in rally in the early 2000s, as a still photographer. While he has competed as a co-driver, and has the desire to drive, he currently focuses his efforts on media coverage and promotion of motorsports across the globe, including television production work for the World Rally Championship.
Warwick’s owns Formula Photographic Inc., globally known for its involvement in the award-winning Subaru of America documentary series ‘Launch Control’ and in the broadcast and media coverage of the Canadian Rally Championship.