Here are the membership options available to you:

  • General Member | $75/year
    This annual membership allows you to show your support and help us get to our goal of hosting a WRC event. As a General Member you will get priority access to various aspects of the event.
  • Supporting Member | $150/year
    This annual membership allows you to give us even more help along the way. As a Supporting member you will have premium access to various aspects of the event.
  • Corporate Member | $1000/year (minimum)
    This annual membership allows your company to help support the project and get some recognition by being featured in our corporate member listings.
  • NPO Member | $500/year
    This annual membership is aimed at  non profit organizations (NPO) that are in a position to help us out and who can see a WRC bringing them a direct benefit.
  • Industry Member | Contact us
    This annual membership is intended for the global companies and vehicle manufacturers who are already involved in motorsport on a global level. Contact us directly so we can customize your membership and your benefits.

As a member, you will have online access to updates on our progress and allow you to see some of the ‘behind the scenes’ perspective our volunteers will see along the way.

Your membership in the Rally Promoter Assocaition of Canada (RPAC) will help us gauge the general interest in hosting a round of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in Canada. Further, it will give us the resources we need to go down the long and difficult road ahead of us. Rest assured that your contributions will put to good use.

As a not-for-profit, the membership revenue raised must be used to further the objects of the association, in this case:
“The Rally Promoter Association of Canada’s purpose is to look at the promotion of rallysport in Canada at the highest level, with the aim of operating a round of the World Rally Championship in Canada if that is deemed beneficial to the sport.”

While the government lobbying, sponsorship hunts, and business planning will require countless hours of time from our volunteers, your membership fees will only go to make sure they aren’t out of pocket for modest and reasonable expenses.

Once we’ve reached the end of the road for RPAC, either after several successful years in the WRC or if we come to the conclusion that a WRC event isn’t viable in Canada, the assets of the association can not be returned to the members, but will instead be donated to the Canadian Association of RallySport to further aid in the promotion of rallysport in Canada.