Why should I join the Rally Promoter Association of Canada?

We are looking at membership as the first ‘test’ of the viability of a WRC event in Canada. If we can’t build a critical mass of support at this level, then getting the support needed to put on the event may not be possible.

What does my Membership get me?

Initially, buying a membership is about supporting the effort to bring a WRC event to Canada. Eventually, your membership will get you preferred access, and discounts that should easily match the membership fees you’ve paid.

Where does my membership money go?

Membership revenue will be used to reimburse the expenses incurred by volunteers as they work on this project.

Do I have to be a Canadian to join?

No. Showing your support by buying a membership now will help us get a better feel for the global interest in a WRC event in Canada.

Is my membership recognized for a CARS License?

No. The last thing we want to do is take resources away from the existing CARS member clubs.

The Event

Where will the event be held?

The location will depend on where tourism funding and transportation resources align.

When will the WRC event be held?

The road to the WRC is expected to be about five years, which includes having our event operations observed and putting together the funding for the first event.

Will it be an existing CRC event?

No, a WRC event will be a stand-alone event, but will likely share some roads with existing CARS Sanctioned events.

Will it be a winter or a gravel event?

The indications we have are that our best option is a winter event.

Will the WRC event be Televised on Canada

Part of our marketing and sponsorship programs would likely include broadcast exposure in Canada.

Is the event supported by CARS?

Yes. RPAC is affiliated with CARS as a member club, and the CARS board has approved the idea of cautiously pursuing our goal.

Is this a “one off” event?

No.  If we are successful in holding an event to WRC standards, we can expect to stay in the championship for several seasons. All of our planning and sponsorships will be built around a three-year agreement with WRC Promoter.


Would there be Canadian teams competing or just the usual International teams?

We expect the majority of entries will be North Americans, running their regular competition cars.

Can a CARS National license holder enter?

No, competitors would have to hold an international license to enter the WRC event, but we are exploring our options for the national portion of the event

Will my CARS logbooked car qualify?

The event will be allowed ‘local’ classes, but the cars and crews will still have to meet the FIA safety regulations. You can expect several upgrades and additional equipment.

What will the entry fee be?

Entry Fees will be in line with other WRC events, although non-WRC entrants should see entry fees no higher than a normal national championship event.

What classes will be run?

Any FIA recognized class will be allowed, we will also allow entries in CRC recognized classes. Which championships will be scored won’t be known until we are awarded the event by the FIA.

Will this affect CARS Classes and Rules?

No. While we expect some teams may look to run homologated cars that will be eligible for WRC classes we won’t make any changes to our current rules that don’t make sense for the local privateer.

Getting Involved

How can I help?

The best way to help is to buy an RPAC membership and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

Can I Volunteer?

Absolutely. We will be looking for volunteers for a wide range of roles both during the event and in the years leading up to the event.

Can I get involved as a sponsor?

Absolutely. We will be looking for sponsor participation as soon as we are sure we will have something to deliver to our partners. If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved as a sponsor we’d love to start those discussions early.

Spectator Information

What is Rally Racing?

In basic terms, teams compete on closed roads to see how fast they can complete the course, with the lowest times winning. The cars run one at a time, separated by one or two minutes at the start. The cars are specially prepared with safety equipment and are prepared to meet one of several classes of performance.

Whats the difference between a WRC rally and a Canadian rally?

The basics of the competition are the same, but the level of performance is higher and the teams are run professionally. Canadian rally is still mostly privateer teams running for fun.

How long does a rally last?

Current WRC events will have competition over four days, but there will be activity over nearly two weeks.

Is this something that I could take my children to?

Yes. There will be a range of safe family activities during the event. Be reminded that all motorsports can be dangerous so be aware of the risks and listen to our volunteers as we do our best to keep you and your family safe.

Would there be any cost to spectate?

Yes. There will be fees for spectator parking and access to the spectator area in the forest. However, the bulk of those revenues will go to local service clubs or not-for-profit groups to support local initiatives.